🠈  San Rafael Swell  🠊

The San Rafael Swell is a huge geological uplift called an anticline which exposes multiple layers of sedimentary layers to erosion. The swell is essentially a huge dome of rock swelling from the earth with the newer layers on the outside and older layers exposed on the inside.

The Swell exposes sedimentary layers common to the Colorado Plateau. Notably the swell includes massive cliffs of Navajo and Wingate Sandstone.

The Wedge Overlook provides a view of the Swell which is known as the Little Grand Canyon.

The Eastern side of the San Rafael Swell is called the San Raphael Reef and is one of the most notable landmarks for travelers on I70 as the reef juts from the barren deserts surrounding Green River, Utah.

The San Rafael Swell is administered by the Bureau of Land Management. Due to the scenic nature of the area, there has been efforts to make the area a National Monument.

The Swell is located entirely in Emery County. Towns within the county are found surrounding the swell.

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