🠈  About Emery Color  🠊

I started the Community Color in 1999 as an effort to promote community awareness and local web development in the Mountain West.

I began by buying a score of geodomains for select towns in the Mountain West. Renewing a large number of domains each is costly. So, in 2016, I decided to change the focus of the project from towns to counties.

The primary domain Utah Color will have a subdomain for each of the 29 counties in the state. Each subdomain will include a directory and calendar that highlights local web development and community activities.

I will also pen short articles on highlights of each of the county including articles on Emery County, The San Rafael Swell and each of the towns in the area.

Direct Local Advertising

I funded the initial site with affiliate ads. In the upgrade, I added a component for direct local advertising. I set the starting price at $25 for 100,000 ads. Click here to order ads. (NOTE, I am only interested in local ads, from Utah.)

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